September 4, 2012 E-mail To William Kingston About Mr. Rooter Commercial Vehicles Back Again In August, 2012 For 8 Days

From:   Bev Beaufait <>   

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 Date:  Tuesday, September 04, 2012 11:02 am
 Subject:  Illegally Parked Truck
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There has been a Mr. Rotor truck parked right next to Sundance Park and a car parked right next to the fire hydrant over the holiday weekend!!!  Code Enforcement and Police cars have gone by over the weekend and have done nothing.
The Parks and Rec Department have strict Codes for parking next to ANY park in the City of Louisville.  The Code Enforecment Department asked an elderly gentleman to move his car from being parked next to Sundance Park last spring.  There was no problem.
This Mr. Rotor owner does not obey our Code Enforcement Laws.  I have complained about this and other Mr. Rotor vehicles since the end of June.  The owner of the Mr. Rotor trucks ignores police orders not to park across from our parks for extended periods of time, as it is against the law for the Parks and Rec Department.  This truck owner does not care. 
I have enclosed a Power Point Presentation with pics of these vehicles illegally parked next to Sundance Park.  Parks and Rec Code 14.12.010, A & G specifically state this info.
I am sure the owner of Mr. Rotor will be informed that it is against the law in our City to park next to any park without a permit.  I see no permit showing on this illegally parked truck.
It is a hindrance to emergency vehicles, too, to say the least.  If there was an emergency this truck would be in the way.  The elderly couple on Sycamore Circle call for emergency vehicles.  There is no need for this Mr. Rotor truck to be abandoned time and time again in our neighborhood.
I am sure this matter will be taken care of immediately.
Bev Beaufait.  :))