May 25, 2012 E-Mail From The Chief Of Police Complaining To Me About Having To Do His Job Of Code Enforcement.

He Wanted To Close My Issue Before It Was Completed, As This Vendor Continued To Park Off And On In Our Neighborhood For Over One Year, As My Photos Prove, Which Proves Favoritism, Which Is Against Our City Ethics Code.

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 To:  Bev Beaufait <>,  Robert Muckle <>
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 Date:  Friday, May 25, 2012 08:01 am
 Subject:  RE: Reported Abandoned Vehicle/Officer Alex Rugalsky
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Last night we heard from the owners of the truck.  It belongs to a couple who recently moved to Louisville and who just purchased the vehicle.  The husband and wife are a little distressed about why the selective enforcement against them.  Commander Kingston will speak with them and convey our assurances that this is all quite routine and innocent.  For the Louisville Police Department, the matter of an abandoned vehicle is closed.

Thank you,

Bruce Goodman     


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To: Robert Muckle
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Subject: Fwd: Reported Abandoned Vehicle/Officer Alex Rugalsky


Mayor Bob,


I am forwarding my e-mail from Bruce.  I have already replied to Bruce.


Bruce tried to dump garbage me by saying I gave incorrect information on the abandoned vehicle on my street.  He tried to insinuate that I was too dumb to know my own address.  What his statement really shows is that the Code Enforcement Officer who handled my call, was not listening to me, as I have correctly stated all along.


Bruce claims in his e-mail to me that a number of his officers are "unaware of a Louisville ordinance" pertaining to parking distances from a stop sign.  He gave me an instance with a crosswalk comparison.  Well, if his officers are that unaware of the law, it is obvious to me that they need retraining of the Code Enforcement Laws for the City of Louisville.  If there is such a program then please enlist these below mentioned Officers for a refreshment course.  I go to the City of Louisville's Code Enforcement web pages for my info.  :))


When Officer Rugalsky first came to my house yesterday, we introduced ourselves to each other.  His first statement right after our intoductions was this.  "I have heard of this house before.  I know all about it."  Why would he start out a conversation to me this way?  His threatening and intimidating statement right off the bat was to scare me into submission, in my humble opinion.  Officer Rugalsky never even mentioned one word about my calling about an abandoned vehicle.  I had to stop him in his tracks with his sociopathic statement and redirect our conversation to the reason I called Code Enforcement in the first place.


And why would Bruce waste taxpayer money to send out a City of Louisville Police Officer to handle a "Code Enforcement" situation, anyway?  To scare and intimidate.  That is why.  This tactic is old hat and does not work any more.  Sorry.


When Officer Rugalsky left my house, he kept trying to give me his version of the law.  It was "The City of Louisville Law, According to the World of Alex Rugalsky".  He kept repeating that HE knew the law.  He was furious with me, because I would not let him try to intimidate me.  I watched him until he got in his City vehicle and left my property.


Officer Alex Rugalsky owes me a written apology.  I feel his sociopath behavior toward me requires this action.  He is a leading Officer in the Police Department and he needs to lead by example.  His example left much to be desired in my eyes.


Thanks for your time.



Bev Beaufait

388 W. Elm St.




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Cc: 'Susan Loo', 'Malcolm Fleming', 'Meredyth Muth'
Subject: Reported Abandoned Vehicle

May 24, 2012

Dear Ms. Beaufait:

Your complaints about the abandoned vehicle and the actions of Louisville Police personnel were forwarded to me.  I believe it is unproductive to go through every detail of your two emails, so I have attempted to condense the issues and my responses.

?         When you called dispatch on May 18 you stated an incorrect location for the truck.  Officer Martin was dispatched to that location and finding no such vehicle assumed it had been moved.

?         We are unaware of your reporting abandoned vehicles during the two weeks prior to May 18.

?         Based upon your call to dispatch today, Officer Martin found the truck and determined the registered owner to be from another city.  Unable to contact the owner, he acted within our protocol of placing an Abandoned Vehicle warning tag on the vehicle.  This gives the owner a fair opportunity to contact us or move the vehicle before it is ticketed or towed.

?         Officer Martin, Sergeant Ragulsky and Commander Kingston are all unaware of a Louisville ordinance pertaining to the parking distance from a stop sign.  The Model Traffic Code of Colorado prohibits parking within 20 feet of a painted crosswalk at an intersection.

?         I am sorry that you believe you are being ignored.  Officers responded immediately to each of your complaints and, I believe, acted appropriately in each instance.  It is my experience that Louisville Officers care very much about the appearance of our City. 

?         I assure you that we are attending to your complaint and that future actions by the Officers will be based upon what is legal and suitable.

?         Your gender is irrelevant in our responses to this matter.   


Thank you,

Bruce Goodman

Chief of Police