May 23, 2012 E-mail From Chief Of Police About The Debris Left By A Mr. Rooter Truck.

The Code Enforcement Department Had The Illegally Truck Removed Finally Per Our City Laws , So Obviously There Was No Vehicle Remaining.
I Took A Photo Of The Debris In The Back Of The Illegally Parked Mr. Rooter Vehicle.
It Matched The Debris Left On W. Elm Street.
The Police Chief Always Defends The Ones With The Illegally Parked/Abandoned Vehicles.  Favoritism.  Why?  We in our neighborhood think it is $$$$.

From:   Bruce Goodman <>   

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 To:  Bev Beaufait <>
 Cc:  Malcolm Fleming <>
 Date:  Monday, May 13, 2013 08:20 am
 Subject:  Littering Complaint
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Mrs. Beaufait:


We investigated this Friday, Saturday and Sunday and were unable to locate the white truck.  None of the neighbors knew to whom it belonged.


There was a note on the trash that read, “I held your trash during the snow storm.  If you have any self – respect you can take care of it now.  If not I’ll take care of it later”.  This indicates someone picked up the bag, stored it and returned it.  The neighbors on Sumac and Sycamore did not know about the trash.  


According to the neighbors, the “Rooter” truck has not been around for awhile as verified in the latest photos in which it is not present.


Without a witness to identify the perpetrator, the Police Department cannot take legal action against anyone.  


Bruce Goodman,

Chief of Police