July 2, 2012 E-mail To Me From William Kingston Telling Me Why He Cannot Do His Job.  He Tried To Make Me Feel Guilty In This E-mail, Too, For Re-reporting Illegally Parked/Abandoned Commercial/Residential Vehicles.

From:   William Kingston <billk@louisvilleco.gov>   

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 To:  bbeaufa@beaufait.com
 Date:  Monday, July 02, 2012 10:56 am
 Subject:  Commercial vehicles in your neighborhood
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Ms. Beaufait…

I apologize for my delay in getting back with you, but we were quite busy with our recent fatal accident investigation. In any event, I’ve done an examination of our city’s various parking, traffic and zoning ordinances. I can find nothing that prohibits a commercial vehicle from being parked in a residential area. There are some limited restrictions as to the size of vehicle that can be parked in a residential area. For example, it would be against the city’s ordinances for a semi trailer to be parked on a residential street for a period of time longer than 24 hours. So far, I can find nothing that addresses your concerns. Are you aware of an ordinance or law that I’m unfamiliar with? In any event, I will continue to look and see what I can discover.

Bill Kingston

Operations Commander