July 30, 2013 E-mail From Me To Code Enforcement With Photos Of The Blue Car With The TX Plates Unmoved/Parked/Abandoned For 28 Days In A Row!

From:   Bev Beaufait <bbeaufa@beaufait.com>   

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 To:  William Kingston <billk@louisvilleco.gov>
 Cc:  Council, City <CityCouncil@LouisvilleCO.gov>
 Date:  Tuesday, July 30, 2013 08:12 am
 Subject:  Blue Car Still Unmoved On Sycamore Street For 28 Days
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Code Enforcement,
The blue car with the TX plates has been allowed to stay parked in one spot, unmoved and abandoned, for 28 days in a row now ,without being tagged for removal.
I received from the Police Chief on May 24, 2012.  In it he states:
"Officer Martin found the truck and determined the registered owner to be from another city.  Unable to contact the owner, he acted within our protocol of placing an Abandoned Vehicle warning tag on the vehicle.  This gives the owner a fair opportunity to contact us or move the vehicle before it is ticketed or towed."
I also received an e-mail from the Police Chief on May 25, 2012 whining about having to do his job.  Here is his statement:
"The husband and wife are a little distressed about why the selective enforcement against them.  Commander Kingston will speak with them and convey our assurances that this is all quite routine and innocent." 
I know how frustrated you must be with not being able to get rid of the out of state illegally parked/unmoved vehicles.
I understand how frustrated you are with how many vehicles are now being left around town, unmoved.
But in the past 3 years, there are many more renters from out of state moving into Louisville. 
They do not know our City Residential Parking Code. 
But as a public servant, it is your job to inform them of our residential parking laws, that they do not know.
I understand that this Code Enforcement job was an easy one in past years.
I can see your frustration at having to do more work, for the same pay in recent years.  It is unfair.
However, you are a paid employee for our City.
I am sorry, but it is your job to inform these new residents of our parking Codes over and over again, if necessary.
Here is the URL addy where there are 7 more pics from the past week of the blue car still being allowed to break our parking laws by our Code Enforcement public servants.  Now a neighbor car is back and parked behind the blue car.  If you allow one to stay, then others think they can park illegally, too.
I understand this is very hard work to enforce our City Residential Parking Codes, but that is the job you are paid to perform.
I am sure this blue car and the darker car parked behind it, will be moved according to our "placing a warning tag".
In my neighborhood, I have not seen one warning tag put on vehicles, since I started letting Code Enforcement know about violations.
Instead I get e-mails over and over again for over one year from the Police Chief, trying to convince everybody of this: "it is not parked in violation of an ordinance", as stated from his latest e-mail to me on July 23, 2013. 
This obviously is very contrary to his May 24, 2012 e-mail telling me "City Protocol".  And it is obvious the Police Chief knows the laws and knows what he is saying and doing.  And because your name was mentioned in the May 25, 2012 e-mail to me from the Police Chief, you know the laws, too.
City Council has received very deceptive information regarding our City Residential Parking Code Laws from the Code Enforcement Department, run by the Police Chief, for over 1 year now.  They rely on you folks for their information to run the City, legally. 
I understand that it is very hard to put those warning tags on illegally unmoved/abandoned vehicles, but I am confident that you can do the job.
I will continue to report this situation, as per my legal advice and my civic duty, to maintain our neighborhood for the next generation, so they do not have a parking lot on their street, bringing down their property assessments.
I have never, ever seen a vehicle allowed to be parked/stored/unmoved/abandoned around any part of our City for 1 month.
What are you thinking?  Or better yet, are you even thinking at all?
Bev Beaufait
P.S. In case you forget, FYI:

"Open Government & Ethics Pamphlet 2013 

Other Ethics Rules of Interest (page 7) 

It also prohibits acts of advantage or favoritism and, in that regard, prohibits special considerations, use of employee time for personal or private reasons, and use of City vehicles or equipment, except in same manner as available to any other person (or in manner that will substantially benefit City)."


Sec. 17.20.160. Motor vehicle parking limitations.permanent link to this
                                piece of content

 B.  On residential lots, no more than two motor vehicles may be parked on any area of the lot other than within a fully enclosed structure or on the paved driveway which is intended for parking or access to the garage or carport. A motor vehicle which is parked or stored on an improved surface adjacent to a paved driveway, or in a rear yard, a side yard, or a side yard adjacent to the street shall be counted towards the limit of two such vehicles. No more than one such motor vehicle may be an inoperable vehicle as defined in section 8.16.040.D.1 of this Code."

"Sec. 17.20.100. - Parking spaces not to be used for storage or advertising. Required parking spaces shall be available for the parking of operable passenger automobiles of residents, customers, patrons, and employees only, and shall not be used for the storage of vehicles or materials or for the parking of trucks used in conducting the business or use, or for the purpose of advertising.(Code 1977, § 17.20.100; Ord. No. 715-1981, § 15)".