August 7, 2013 E-mail About The Tan SUV Parked/Abandoned/Stored/Unmoved Next To Sundance Park For 8 Days In A Row

 From:   Bev Beaufait <>   

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 To:  Bruce Goodman <>
 Cc:  Council, City <>
 Date:  Wednesday, August 07, 2013 08:15 am
 Subject:  Tan SUV Abandoned Next To Sundance Park
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Code Enforcement,
The tan SUV with TX plates has been illegally parked/stored/unmoved/abandoned next to Sundance Park on Sycamore Street for 8 days in a row now.  Favoritism.
This tan SUV with TX plates has been illegally parked/abandoned/unmoved/stored next to Sundance Park on Sycamore Street, when the blue car with the TX plates was finally removed after being stored/unmoved/parked/abandoned for all of July, 2013 and part of August, 2013.
Code Enforcement got the blue car to leave the area, but not the tan SUV.  Why?  The photos show that this vehicle needed to be tagged, too, and moved.
So, it forces me to write another e-mail complaining about how Code Enforcement does not do its job, even though they are paid to do it.
This tan SUV that is in these pics can be parked at the owner's house right next door with a 2 car garage, 2 car driveway, and 2 personal vehicle parking spaces in front of their house.  That is where this car belongs, per home owner parking spaces allowed in our City.  These are new neighbors to our neighborhood.  They do not know our parking laws.
Here is a link to the photos for proof showing the tan SUV illegally parked/stored/abandoned/unmoved next to Sundance Park on Sycamore Street for 8 days in a row now.
I  live next to Sundance Park.  I don't store/abandon/park/unmove my car next to Sundance Park.
Other neighbors live directly across the street from Sundance Park.  They don't store/abandon/park/unmove their vehicles next to Sundance Park.
I am sure this tan SUV with the TX plates will be informed of our parking laws, so the owners can keep it on their own property immediately.
While you are at it, you might inform the tan SUV illegally parked/stored/abandoned/unmoved on Hoover next to the park near Louisville Elementary across from Lois for months on end now, that they have their vehicle illegally parked/stored/abandoned/unmoved. 
I know for a fact that Code Enforcement can stop and talk to anybody about parking laws without a complaint being filed. 
But I am finally filing a complaint about that tan SUV today on Hoover.  It is on a bend in the road where one cannot see the vehicle until one is on top of it.
Here is a link to the photos for proof, I took periodically, showing the tan SUV illegally parked/stored/abandoned/unmoved on Hoover Street, since April, 2013.
Bev Beaufait
388 W. Elm St.
Sec. 17.20.160. Motor vehicle parking limitations.permanent link to this piece of


B.  On residential lots, no more than two motor vehicles may be parked on any area of the lot other than within a fully enclosed structure or on the paved driveway which is intended for parking or access to the garage or carport. A motor vehicle which is parked or stored on an improved surface adjacent to a paved driveway, or in a rear yard, a side yard, or a side yard adjacent to the street shall be counted towards the limit of two such vehicles. No more than one such motor vehicle may be an inoperable vehicle as defined in section 8.16.040.D.1 of this Code.

Sec. 17.20.100. - Parking spaces not to be used for storage or advertising. Required parking spaces shall be available for the parking of operable passenger automobiles of residents, customers, patrons, and employees only, and shall not be used for the storage of vehicles or materials or for the parking of trucks used in conducting the business or use, or for the purpose of advertising.(Code 1977, 17.20.100; Ord. No. 715-1981, 15)

This is from our Ethics Code

"Open Government & Ethics Pamphlet 2013
Other Ethics Rules of Interest
Page 7

It also prohibits acts of advantage or favoritism and, in that regard, prohibits special considerations, use of employee time for personal or private reasons, and use of City vehicles or equipment, except in same manner as available to any other person (or in manner that will substantially benefit City)."