May 6, 2013 E-mail About Mr. Rooter Vehicle Abandoned

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 To:  Bruce Goodman <>
 Date:  Monday, May 06, 2013 08:38 am
 Subject:  Fwd: Code Enforcement Laws/Enforcement
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Code Enforcement Police Chief,
The Mr. Rooter white commercial work truck is still on W. Elm Street with garbage stored in the bed.  It has been there for the past 26 days in a row.  I have lived in this neighborhood since 1988, and in the entire time that I have lived in this neighborhood, there never has been a vehicle  allowed to be unattended for so long licensed or not.
Our Code Enforcement has no trouble keeping the neighbors, who live in this neighborhood, from parking for long periods of time.
However, our Code Enforcement has horrible trouble keeping commercial vehicles from being parked for 26 days in a row in a residential neighborhood.  These public corruption actions are very suspicious by folks in our neighborhood, as we consider the vehicle abandoned.
Webster's Dictionary defines abandon:  to desert; to forsake.  After 26 days of a Mr. Rooter commercial vehicle in our neighborhood, this vehicle is abandoned. 
No one has seen the owners around the vehicle for 4 weeks now.  Even joggers consider this vehicle abandoned or they would not throw their orange "doggie do" bags into the bed of the truck, when running by with their dog, as I have reported before.
I have enclosed the URL address with the pics for the past week for proofs of the Mr. Rooter commercial vehicle that I update weekly for public viewing, as per my first amendment rights of free speech.
One pic this week is from the middle of Sundance Park near neighbors' houses that can see this commercial vehicle day after day, without it being moved for the past 26 days in a row.
Another pic this week shows a close up pic of the debris around the tires of the Mr. Rooter commercial vehicle, as it has been unmoved for 26 days in a row.
It is an eyesore for the neighborhood.  It is bringing down property values.  Our City is listed in Money Magazine 2 times in the past 5 years.  I do not want that rating to go down due to Code Enforcement not doing the job it is paid to do.
I have made it clear to my neighbors that I am considered a "trouble maker" for showing pic proofs of illegal abandoned vehicle goings on in our neighborhood.  I have told them that the Code Enforcement Department is holding grudges against me, as I report their incompetence.  It is unfair to be mean to my neighbors just for your obvious hatred of my proofs of inaction by Code Enforcement, except when they want to enforce, which is public corruption per the news "investigative reporting" stations that I have spoken to.  :((((( 
The neighbors do not want to get involved and be treated the way I am treated with unjustified and uncivil words from the Chief of Police, Mayor, and City Administrator.  I told my neighbors that I have one years worth of e-mails for proof of those unjustified and uncivil actions toward me and my proofs.
I have told neighbors my circumstances with Code Enforcement and City Council about this illegal parking matter being ignored by City Code Enforcement, and the neighbors can now easily see that a blind eye has been turned to allow this Mr. Rooter white commercial truck to be on W. Elm Street for 26 days in a row.   
We neighbors talk about the lobbyists in Washington, DC and the similarities to the blind eye being turned with this commercial vehicle being allowed to stay indefinitely in our neighborhood with trash stored in the bed of the truck, no less, by our Code Enforcement Police Department and City Council.
Code Enforcement for the City of Louisville is broken and needs to be fixed.
Here is the beginning of our City Municipal Parking Code that is constantly being allowed to be broken by the City Code Enforcement Police Department with regards to the Mr. Rooter white commercial vehicle.
I have again proved why our parking laws need time limits, so Code Enforcement does not cherry pick situations, as their actions prove for the past one year.
"Sec. 17.20.100. - Parking spaces not to be used for storage or advertising."  (Code 1977, § 17.20.100; Ord. No. 715-1981, § 15)
Bev Beaufait.
388 W. Elm St.
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From: Bev Beaufait []
Sent: Monday, April 29, 2013 08:23 AM
To: 'Bruce Goodman'
Subject: Code Enforcement Laws/Enforcement

Mr. Chief of Police,
The Mr. Rooter white commercial work truck has been abandoned on W. Elm Street with more and more added garbage dropped off by the owners.  They are now using this vehicle as a personal garbage storage truck, thereby bringing down the value of the houses in our neighborhood.  A female jogger and her large dog were jogging down the middle of W. Elm St. this week and threw her orange bag of "doggie do" into the back of this abandoned commercial vehicle.  This is just very wrong.
I have enclosed my last 2 e-mails to you again showing weeks of illegal parking by this Mr. Rooter vehicle, which you ignore.  This Mr. Rooter commercial vehicle has been parked and not moved since April 9, as my pics show.  You are a very rude paid "public servant". 
In this e-mail I am enclosing pics from the past week showing the illegal abandonment of the Mr. Rooter vehicle that you allow, because of your emotional hatered to me for months and months of reporting illegal activity by you and the Code Enforcement Department, that you are in charge of, to the Mayor, who you intimidate into inaction, and the rest of City Council, too.  You are not an ethical "public servant", obviously.

In these above pics taken this past week during the snow storm, it shows W. Elm St. after the snow plows came through.  The plows left huge mounds of packed snow around the Mr. Rooter white truck in the street, instead of being able to plow those mounds of snow nearer to the curb.  For days this restricted emergency vehicles from going through our street easily to handle the Senior Citizens in our neighborhood.  A good "public servant" would make sure that the streets of our City would be more easily accessible for prompt action by not allowing this illegal abandonment of a commercial vehicle for over 3 weeks now. 
But Mr. Chief of Police, you do just the opposite.  Your actions show that you do not care.  You have no empathy.  You put the citizens of Louisville in our neighborhood in jeopardy, which is "public corruption" at its best.  Favortism toward business commercial vehicles is extremely obvious by your actions from the past year, of which I have proof in over 100 date stamped pictures.  Are you being paid by them to turn a blind eye?
My proofs were presented to City Council on a February 26 meeting.  I am still awaiting a response from them from that meeting.  I am sure that they are swamped and will get back to me, when time allows for it.  But in an e-mail from Mayor Murkle dated January 2 he states this:  "We only have limited parking times in a few commercial areas to allow access to businesses. I will raise the issue of changing the municipal code regarding parking with other members of council".
Everybody knows about the parking laws in our City.  But, you, as the Chief of Police, chose to try to run a Facist government by running the town your way regardless of the parking laws on the books in our City.  You are the epitome of "public corruption", as described to me by my Uncle-in-law who was a Detroit high mucky-muck and always bragged of them "shooting criminals and throwing them in the Detroit River". 
I have proved for the past year that you have no regard for being a paid "public servant of the law".  I will not allow that kind of mentality to be in our Police Department, who is run by a former resident of Chicago, and the entire country knows how violent that City is with their gun shootings from the first Mayor Daly days.  We don't need/want that type of vibe in Lousiville.
I will continue to keep a close eye on this growing "public corruption" with you allowing the illegal parking of commercial vehicles regardless of the law on our City books.  My evidence grows daily.  :)))
Here is a link that I have posted online for anybody to see how the City of Louisville's City Council allows the City Police Code Enforcement Department to constantly break the law for the past year now.  I have one year's worth of e-mails as proof.  I save everything, and it truly pays off.
As a reminder, our City parking law is included the P.S. at the end of the last attached e-mail that I sent to you on April 15.
My legal advice wants me to continue to document the actions of the City of Louisville.
Bev Beaufait.
388 W. Elm Street.
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From: Bev Beaufait []
Sent: Monday, April 22, 2013 08:19 AM
To: 'Bruce Goodman'
Subject: Code Enforcement Laws/Enforcement

Mr. Chief of Police,
The Mr. Rooter white work truck has been abandoned on W. Elm Street with a leaf and lawn garbage bag stored full of branch/limb debris, as well as other garbage, in the back of their pick up truck since April 9. 
I have enclosed my last e-mail to Code Enforcement showing pics of the Mr. Rooter commercial vehicle parked from April 9 to April 15. 
I am enclosing pics from April 16 to today showing this commercial vehicle still illegally parked across from Sundance Park on W. Elm Street, including the debris in the bed of their pick up truck.  Other Mr. Rooter trucks have driven through our neighborhood and just left their abandoned commercial white truck parked illegally in our neighborhood.  This is not right. 
This vehicle has been allowed by Code Enforcement to store garbage for weeks on end in the back of the truck.  In the past, I have seen Code Enforcement around home owner's pick up trucks, parked in front of their own homes, with just their Xmas tree in the bed of their truck as temporary storage until the branch recycle center opens at the first weekend of the month.  Doesn't Code Enforcement have anything better to do, such as remove the Mr. Rooter illegally parked commercial vehicle for 2 weeks now?  This does not make sense.

This last picture that I took on April 21 shows the branch tossed from the Mr. Rooter commercial vehicle, now on our neighbor's property from when they moved their truck on March 29.  They just threw it out and left.  The debris was moved onto my neighbor's property.  The branch was initially thrown directly on the sidewalk. 
Here is a large close up pic of the debris thrown out of the Mr. Rooter commercial and left on the public sidewalk.  I took the pic the day after they finally removed their Mr. Rooter vehicle on March 29.  It is still there for proof.  Here is the link for the picture. 
Once this commercial Mr. Rooter vehicle is moved, I hope that they don't throw their garbage out into our neighborhood as retaliation for having to move their white commercial vehicle out of a residential neighborhood, permanently, as they are mad for not getting that special treatment any more.  They have their own place to park this vehicle, obviously, when it is not allowed to be abandoned on W. Elm St. by our Code Enforcement Department. 
The Mr. Rooter folks did not move their vehicle until 2 days after I reported it as being parked illegally on March 27.  Very wrong.
Code Enforcement can keep any neighbor's truck who lives in our neighborhood from constantly re-parking in our neighborhood.  No problem.
Code Enforcement cannot keep the Mr. Rooter business commercial vehicle from re-parking illegally for weeks at a time.  Problem.  And why is this?
Why is there a difference?  There should not be a difference.  But there is a difference.  WHY???   Hmmmmm.
What actions transpired between the Code Enforcement folks and the Mr. Rooter business owner that would allow the Code Enforcement Department to turn a blind eye to this Mr. Rooter commercial truck's illegal parking indefinitely?  What, indeedy?
I wonder what would have you do strange Code Enforcement dealings and tell me in a May 25, 2012 e-mail:   "For the Louisville Police Department, the matter for the abandoned vehicle is closed.", even when there is a law against the Mr. Rooter commercial vehicle illegal parking indefinitely and storing garbage indefinitely in the back of their commercial truck, as the City Municipal Code shows, in an enclosed previous e-mail!!!!  Good grief!!! 
I strongly suggest that the Police Department contact our lawyer for our City to find out how to let go and replace the employees in the Code Department who are giving illegal preference to a business truck's owner being parked off and on illegally for over 1 year now on W. Elm Street across from Sundance Park.
I strongly suggest that the City of Louisville Police Department contact our Louisville lawyer for our City to find out why the Code Enforcement Department is acting in strange ways that do not enforce existing City Municipal Parking Code law,s and what can be done about it. 
Maybe our City legal advice can find out the truth behind the discrepancies of enforcing our Municipal Code between tax paying home owners' vehicles and business commercial tax paying vehicles in our neighborhood.
I am very sorry that Code Enforcement cannot enforce our City Parking Municipal Code, that is enclosed at the end of this forwarded e-mail. 
I will follow this matter closely, until the City of Louisville's Code Enforcement Department can follow our own City laws to enforce, without questionable actions from the Code Enforcement folks, with preferencial treatment to business owner's commercial vehicles over personal home owner's vehicles in our neighborhood.  Hmmmm.
This matter is a definite cause for concern with the extremely suspicious actions of the Police Department's Code Enforcement folks toward this Mr. Rooter's business owners.   
Bev Beaufait.
388 W. Elm Street.
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From: Bev Beaufait []
Sent: Monday, April 15, 2013 08:21 AM
To: 'Bruce Goodman'
Subject: Fwd: Code Enforcement Laws/Rules

Code Enforcement,
The Mr. Rooter white work truck has been abandoned on W. Elm Street with a lawn and leaf garbage bag stored full of branch/limb debris, as well as other garbage, in the back of the pick up truck for the past 7 days.  Here are 6 pics proving this vehicle has been abandoned for the past 7 days.  I was sick on Saturday, April 13 and did not take a picture.  But they were there.  They drop off their commercial truck in the middle of the night, as they know they are doing something illegal.
When Mr. Rooter moves their commercial vehicle from our neighborhood for days or weeks at a time, they park it elsewhere.  So, it is obvious that Mr. Rooter has somewhere else to park their commercial vehicle.  Therefore, there is no need for them to ever park their commercial truck in our neighborhood again.

Until our City Code Enforcement Department shows these owners the real law in black and white, and in writing, this will continue.  Code Enforcement needs to fix this situation permanently, that they ruined in the first place last May, 2012 in an e-mail to me, quoted below in a P.S..
Again, I have enclosed an attachment of our parking law that should be printed off and handed out to violators.  I am doing my part to help.
Bev Beaufait
388 W. Elm St.
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P.S.  You gave the owners of the Mr. Rooter commercial vehicle the wrong information for neighborhood parking in an e-mail to me dated May 25, 2012 you stated this:
"Last night we heard from the owners of the truck.  It belongs to a couple who recently moved to Louisville and who just purchased the vehicle.  The husband and wife are a little distressed about why the selective enforcement against them.  Commander Kingston will speak with them and convey our assurances that this is all quite routine and innocent.  For the Louisville Police Department, the matter of an abandoned vehicle is closed."
P.P.S.  Here is the law that has been in place, that City Code Enforcement should have enforced, but chose not to do so.  If Code Enforcement employees cannot/willnot enforce our City Code Laws, they should be fired for insubordination, as their salary is paid for by City of Louisville folks like me. 
Sec. 17.20.100. - Parking spaces not to be used for storage or advertising. Required parking spaces shall be available for the parking of operable passenger automobiles of residents, customers, patrons, and employees only, and shall not be used for the storage of vehicles or materials or for the parking of trucks used in conducting the business or use, or for the purpose of advertising.(Code 1977, § 17.20.100; Ord. No. 715-1981, § 15)