August 23, 20113 E-mail About The Dark Car Abandoned Next To Sundance Park

From:   Bev Beaufait <>   

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 To:  Bruce Goodman <>
 Cc:  Council, City <>
 Date:  Friday, August 23, 2013 09:05 am
 Subject:  Dark Car Still Abandoned Next To Sundance Park
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Police Department/Code Enforcement Department,
Why do you constantly pick and choose which vehicle parking laws to enforce with our Code Enforcement Department?
I reported an abandoned commercial vehicle by Sundance Park in March, 2012, that you had removed.  And it was like pulling teeth, as it took 1 year.
My neighbor on Sycamore Circle (who moved this month and put her house up for sale because Code Enforcement could not control all the illegal parking of business, residential, and dumpster vehicles  in our neighborhood for the past year) told me about Mr. Rooter trying to conduct business out of our neighborhood in June, 2012.  So, I took photos and reported a commercial vehicles conducting business on a corner in our neighborhood.  It took Code Enforcement about 1 year before the commercial vehicles stopped abandoning their vehicles in our neighborhood, while still conducting business in our residential neighborhood, which is illegal. 
I got an e-mail from the Police Chief in May, 2012 defining City Parking/Abandoning/Unmoving vehicles, from our neighborhood, with the protocol of tagging, before ticketing a vehicle to give the owners a chance to move their vehicles.
About 8 years ago, a neighbor tried to park his truck next to our neighbor's house, when he had his boat in his driveway for the summer.  I stopped Code Enforcement, when they went by, and asked a few questions about our parking code for residential vehicles.  I was told that we do, in fact, have a residential parking code in effect.  Our neighbor had to move his truck back to his house to park it in front of his house.
So, there are laws about keeping one's vehicles on one's own property, even though Code Enforcement tries to "cherry pick", WHEN to enforce those laws.
Allowing new folks in the neighborhood to keep their numerous vehicles stored and unmoved next to Sundance Park, since the beginning of June, 2013, is not enforcing our City Code for residential parking at personal residences.
They have had 3 different vehicles parked/stored/unmoved/abandoned next to Sundance Park, since they moved into the neighborhood in June, 2013.  I have reported these infractions to Code Enforcement, who got one vehicle to move, only to be replaced by another one of their vehicles.  This last vehicle has been parked/worked on/stored/unmoved/abandoned for 12 days in a row now.  One of their 3 vehicles has been  allowed to parked next to Sundance Park, since June 1, 2013.  That shows the Police Department/Code Enforcement Department is out of control.
When they moved into the neighborhood, there was already an illegally parked neighbor vehicle from 2 houses down, that stored their vehicle with the camper next to Sundance Park for 7 days, even after their company left.  So, of course, the new neighbors thought it was OK to park next to Sundance Park indefinitely.
We need to have the Police Department/Code Enforcement Department do its job legally.  If a car was unmoved next to any other park in town, where folks could see it regularly, you would have it taken care of immediately, like you did with the tan car parked on Hoover next to the park near Louisville Elementary right away.
Because these abandoned/unmoved/parked/stored vehicles are in a cul-de-sac at the end of a dead end road, you take advantage of the situation.
We in our neighborhood feel that by the actions of the Police Department/Code Enforcement Department that bullying is occurring on a regular basis, which can be very stressful to all of us older folks in the neighborhood.
We in our neighborhood feel that by the actions of the Police Department/Code Enforcement Department that because of the constant, long term bullying, that these Departments have no empathy at all to what they have done to our neighborhood.
There are many houses for sale recently and now in our neighborhood.  Two are new neighbors.  Two more houses are up for sale.  With the neighborhood allowed to look like a parking lot, houses are taking a long time to sell, according to the sellers I spoke with, before they moved away.
But with the bullying being done in our neighborhood by the Police Department/Code Enforcement Department, this situation just continues. 
And because of the actions of the Police Department/Code Enforcement Department, when they do drive by, folks do not feel comfortable confronting them with the parking situation, because they know how rudely I have been treated for over 1 year now.
The actions of the Police Department/Code Enforcement Department show that they are holding grudges on a long term basis for my trying to keep our neighborhood up to City Code.
Holding grudges in a Police position of authority makes for poor decision making on the part of those in control.  It is also retaliation for my trying to keep our neighbor up to City Residential Parking Codes.
We in the neighborhood are sure that this dark car unmoved by Sundance Park with be taken care of in a professional Police manner and not in a "Hostess Greeting Committee" manner, with whining excuses for having to enforce our laws, like I received in an e-mail from the Police Chief in May, 2012.
Here is the proof of the dark car still abandoned next to Sundance Park.
Bev Beaufait
Sec. 17.20.160. Motor vehicle parking limitations.permanent link to this piece
                                      of content


B.  On residential lots, no more than two motor vehicles may be parked on any area of the lot other than within a fully enclosed structure or on the paved driveway which is intended for parking or access to the garage or carport. A motor vehicle which is parked or stored on an improved surface adjacent to a paved driveway, or in a rear yard, a side yard, or a side yard adjacent to the street shall be counted towards the limit of two such vehicles. No more than one such motor vehicle may be an inoperable vehicle as defined in section 8.16.040.D.1 of this Code.

Sec. 17.20.100. - Parking spaces not to be used for storage or advertising. Required parking spaces shall be available for the parking of operable passenger automobiles of residents, customers, patrons, and employees only, and shall not be used for the storage of vehicles or materials or for the parking of trucks used in conducting the business or use, or for the purpose of advertising.(Code 1977, § 17.20.100; Ord. No. 715-1981, § 15)

This is from our Ethics Code

"Open Government & Ethics Pamphlet 2013
Other Ethics Rules of Interest
Page 7

It also prohibits acts of advantage or favoritism and, in that regard, prohibits special considerations, use of employee time for personal or private
reasons, and use of City vehicles or equipment, except in same manner as available to any other person (or in manner that will substantially benefit City)."

"Last night we heard from the owners of the truck.  It belongs to a couple who recently moved to Louisville and who just purchased the vehicle.  The husband and wife are a little distressed about why the selective enforcement against them.  Commander Kingston will speak with them and convey our assurances that this is all quite routine and innocent. "

This quote is from a May 25, 2012 e-mail to me from Bruce Goodman, Police Chief.  He knows the rules.  He applies them when he wants.  He is a bully.  He does not do his job that he is paid to do.  He should be fired on the spot.  If he did his job correctly, the first time he contacted the owners, he would not be  backed into a corner to save face.  Now, he will not do his job, just to try to prove he is correct, when he is so very wrong.