September 26, 2013 E-mail To The Mayor About Verified Statements

From:   Bev Beaufait <>   

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 To:  Robert Muckle <>
 Date:  Thursday, September 26, 2013 11:32 am
 Subject:  Verified Statement FYI
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I have tried, since July, to report the illegal activities by renters in our neighborhood, who have been running a commercial clean up vendor company out of their rental house on the corner of W. Elm St. and Sycamore Court.
You know, as the Mayor, that it is illegal to operate this kind of vendor commercial business in a residential neighborhood.
I reported such an incident at the rental house on Sumac Court, about 15 years ago.  They had to stop running their business out of their rental house.
And this is the 2nd vendor that I have reported to you over a 1.5 year period that Bruce has allowed to operate out of a residential neighborhood...mine.
How would you like it, if Bruce did that to your neighborhood?
I bet you would not like it at all.
But you let it happen to our neighborhood.
Because you don't seem to care enough to even want to try to learn our City Code Laws for governing our City.
Even when I present you with our very own City laws from our Municode, you deny those laws even exist.
This is very illogical to me and my neighbors, who also know our residential parking/business laws.
You told me, yourself in a past e-mail to me, that you rely on Bruce. 
Well, those Bruce is not an elected official.
He is embedded into our political system in Louisville, like an "Alabama tick".
He will tell each newly elected City Council anything and everything to keep his "forever" jobs.
I have tried 3 times, since July to report their illegal activities.
I called our Municipal Court in July.  They told me just to sign my complaint and bring it in, which I did.
I got a letter from K. Colette Cribari on August 8 telling me that my complaint did not meet the requirements.
I called our Municipal Court in mid August, again.  They told me to print off the "verified statement" from our City web pages, sign it, and bring it in, which I did.
I got a letter from K. Colette Cribari on August 20 telling me that my complaint did not meet the requirements.
Can you believe that our very own Municipal Court employees do not even know how to do a "verified statement"!?!
So, I tried on Monday, again, to bring in complaints against Bruce and Bill.
I called our Municipal Court and they told me to bring a piece of paper with a copied "verified statement" from our City web pages.  I was told to have my signature "notorized".
So, I went to Chase Bank at 9:15 a.m. yesterday, and got 2 "verified statements" notorized by a Notary for sworn oaths that I took on the spot in Chase Bank.  He also watched me sign my 5 page complaint against Bruce and Bill.  He put in a hand written note on both of my 5 pages of complaint, too.
At 9:30 a.m. yesterday, I went to our police station and turned in 2 envelopes to our Prosecuting Attorney, again, for the 3rd time!!!  I got a signed receipt.  I showed my driver's license, this time as proof, too.  She took a photo copy of my driver's license. 
Contact our Municipal Court records for proof that my word is good. 
I don't lie, like Bruce and Bill.  I have strict moral codes for myself, that these gentlemen do not have, in my humble opinion.
Bruce is doing a "get even with Bev" situation.  It is because of my reporting illegal activity that he and Bill allow in our neighborhood.
In my sworn oath to our Municipal Court, I had to swear that my picture proofs were not a "get even" situation, like Bruce is doing to me.
How evil can our laws get.  Bruce can do that to me, though.  Totally unbelievable. 
We will see what happens.  I am keeping my fingers crossed. 
I will keep you posted, cuz if it works this time, I will be reporting you and Susan Loo, from Ward II, for the same complaints that I put in against Bruce and Bill. 
Frost Yarnell will not be included in my complaints against Ward II representatives, as this representative is a "lame duck". 
I would report Malcolm, but I feel he is more of a victim of Bruce's and Bill's lies.  By reporting Bruce's and Bill's illegal activities, hopefully, it will get rid of the "cancer" that is spoiling our lovely town.
And when I report you and Susan, I will also include my proofs of how our you and Susan Loo let Sundance Park be degraded by allowing Dean from the Parks and Rec Department to allow paid vendors to do partial work for 2 years in a row, when I sent in pic proofs. 
I had to get down on my hands and knees with a white 8 1/2 x  11 inch piece of paper and a 12 inch ruler to show the weeds and grass were over 12 inches tall, which is against our City Code laws. 
I have web pages all made with my many, many pics for proofs, along with all my youtube videos of the illegal payments made to vendors for over 1 year, for doing work that was never even done.  :)))
We have been trying to move away from this neighborhood for 2 years now.  We have not been able to put our house up for sale, as the neighborhood is not what it used to be.
Sundance Park is neglected by our Parks and Rec Department.
Bruce and Bill run illegal activities that allow 2 different vendor commercial business to conduct business out of our neighborhood for 1.5 years now.
City Council has ignored this situation, too.  Which makes them equally corrupt.  Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.
We have been waiting for these situations to clear up, to put our house up for sale.
We have watched other long term neighbors put their houses up for sale and leave with less $$$ than expected for the sale of their house, due to the neglect of our neighborhood by paid employees, who think they can run the town their way, with their illegal actions by not preserving our City for future generations.
Why do we have an Ethics Code anyway?
Nobody bothers to follow it.
I hope my complaints to our Municipal Court Prosecuting Attorney go well to protect our City against folks who obviously don't care what kind of a job they were paid and/or elected to perform.
There is a "War Against Women" every where I turn in this town, when I try to do the right thing and keep our town up to our City Ethics for future generations.
Bev Beaufait
388 W. Elm St.
Louisville, CO  80027