February 6, 2013 E-mail About My February 26, 2012 Meeting With City Council About City Parking Solutions To Problems

 From:   Bev Beaufait <bbeaufa@beaufait.com>   

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 Date:  Wednesday, February 06, 2013 09:34 am
 Subject:  February 26 Study Meeting
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Dear City Council, 
I am here today, February 26, because of a continuous “vehicle abandoned/parking” problem on West Elm Street and West Sycamore Lane, that the Louisville Police cannot/willnot enforce with our current parking laws, listed in my Post Script. 
I first reported a neighbor’s truck parked on West Sycamore Street for more than 7 days in March, 2012. His truck had an open back in which he would put his “trash”, which all could see.  
This neighbor would move his vehicle temporarily, when told by Code Enforcement. However, this neighbor would repark his vehicle in the same spot he was told not to park in a few weeks later. This continued off and on with his parking his vehicle leaving it parked/abandoned through December, 2012, as the law in my P.S. was not enforced. 
Our neighborhood also had a problem with a commercial vendor (Mr. Rooter) trying to operate his company out of our neighborhood at West Elm Street and West Sycamore Lane, at times right next to the fire hydrant. This started in May, 2012 and continued through January, 2013. These commercials vehicles come early in the morning or late at night to “swap out vehicles”, as the pictures show.  This vendor does not care about our City parking laws. 
In my URL address to you, I have 8 months worth of pictures showing this problem, which also includes a MiniCooper parking problem.  I made web pages for full and in color viewing of all the pictures I took each month from June, 2012 to January, 2013. There are 9 separate links for each months worth of pictures.  http://www.beaufait.com/louisvillecars.html 
I have 5 e-mails from Bruce Goodman, the Chief of Police, showing he did not help much with this parking/abandon vehicle problem.  In fact, in my humble opinion, his actions/non-actions aggrevated the situation.
These e-mails show that he is frustrated with my valid parking complaints about the same vehicles over and over again for months on end. His responses to me, at times, have been less than professional, in my humble opinion, as shown in the e-mails from him to me over the months. 
Chief Bruce told me in no uncertain terms that:  For the Louisville Police Department, the matter of an abandoned vehicle is closed”, as shown in his e-mail to me dated May 25, 2012. 
I complained about this continual abandoned vehicle situation directly to the Code Enforcement department in July, 2012 to William Kingston, who tried their best to help keep this parking situation under control. They eventually gave up.  
In an e-mail to me on December 17, 2012, Chief Bruce stated this to me:  In Louisville, parking on the street is not against the law and the Police Department will not pester people because you do not like the appearance of parked cars in your neighborhood.  I’m sorry that your disagree, but the Police Department will not take action for this and similar parking issues." 
Chief Bruce has also used inaction about the abandoned vehicles, because I complained too much during the fall of 2012. 
In a January 2, 2012 e-mail to me, he told me this:  “There will be no enforcement against the ‘Mr. Rooter’ truck.” 
In my January3, 2012 e-mail to Chief Bruce, it shows our continued conversations that day, in which I told him his actions toward me were political, and that I wanted to speak to City Council about this parking matter, and his "opinions", and not facts, for interpreting/enforcing our parking law.  
There is a law in place that states that parking is not “unlimited".  However, because this law is rather unclear as to lengths of time vehicles can park on public streets, the law can be misinterpreted by whomever. Only Judges are allowed interpret laws. Police Officers carry them out. 
Some of the Code Enforcement officers, the City employees, do not even live in Louisville. Their standard of living might be different in their neighborhood. For instance, where they live the law might allow unlimited Public Street parking for all types of vehicles.  
So, those Code Enforcement officers might see no problem, when I report abandoned vehicles. When they report back, they say there is no problem. 
Therefore, the City needs specifics about the parking of vehicles on Public Streets, in front of private residences that do not belong to them, and especially our public streets that are next to our beautiful City parks, that we do not want turned into “parking lots”. 
Here are a few of my recommendations for resolving the City street parking problem.
         *no vehicles can be parked on any public streets for over 3 days except on their own property
        * if more time than 3 days is needed, they will need to get permission for extended parking from the City Admin
         *no commercial vehicles can be parked in any private neighborhoods or next to any City Parks
        *no vehicles allowed extended/long term parking next to any City parks
        * repeat offenders should be ticketed and possibly towed 
That is just some suggestions. Our Mayor pointed out to me that there is not much commercial parking space in Louisville.
My husband also suggested that since there is a lack of commercial parking space in our City, that we make a place in our “commercial” area. We could charge money for the parking. It would bring in revenue. I have seen our neighbors with a boat store their vehicle in another town for the winter. They could have stored that boat here in town in a commercial parking spot. The old recycling drop off center at Pine and Hwy. 42 is vacant. 
This problem could happen in any neighborhood in Louisville with the City parking laws as vague as they are. These laws need immediate changing, so the Code Enforcement has uniform written word of exactly who can and cannot legally park on our beautiful City streets. 
Louisville has been named in Money Magazine over the years as one of the top 5 places to live in the country. We need to keep our streets free and clear of permanent/abandoned vehicles cluttering our streets. 
The law in question is listed below in the Post Script. This is the law that our Chief of Police enforces, when he wants. That loop needs closing immediately. 
Thanks for your time. 
Bev Beaufait
388 W. Elm St.
 Sec. 17.20.100. - Parking spaces not to be used for storage or advertising. Required parking spaces shall be available for the parking of operable passenger automobiles of residents, customers, patrons, and employees only, and shall not be used for the storage of vehicles or materials or for the parking of trucks used in conducting the business or use, or for the purpose of advertising.(Code 1977, § 17.20.100; Ord. No. 715-1981, § 15)