November 11, 2013 E-mail From Me To City Council And Code Enforcement About The Illegal "Handyman" Vendor Business Being Operated Out Of A Rental Home In A Residential Neighborhood.

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 To:  Council, City <>
 Cc:  Bruce Goodman <>
 Date:  Monday, November 11, 2013 12:32 pm
 Subject:  Public Corruption Over 50 Days
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Eleven Days In A Row!!!!!  For The Commercial Illegal Industrial Dumpster To Be Stored In Our Neighborhood!!! 
The renter left his vendor commercial dumpster with his customers' garbage for the neighborhood to see and then left for work for the day!!!!! 
This is more proof that this person does not care about our neighborhood at all.  What kind of a mean, rude and evil person would do that? Why the kind of person that Code Enforcement and City Council allows, that is who. 
When he comes back this afternoon and does not remove the industrial dumpster from our neighborhood, I will be sure to let you know.  OK?  OK.
I talked to my Doctor this morning and was advised that I should inform you, as it is your jobs to know and fix it.  Right?  Right!
Day 11.  I took this pic for the middle of Sundance Park with a telephoto lens.  This is what the neighbors in the cul-de-sac see when looking west through the Park.

The neighbors see an illegal commercial vendor dumpster stored in a residential driveway, obviously, from the picture, which is illegal and Code Enforcement and City Council allows for 11 days in a row now.

They don't know how to back down.  They are putting the jobs and elected careers in total jeopardy just to try to prove me wrong, when these laws are written in our City Codes, which makes these people in these positions insane, in my humble opinion.

This renter has residential vehicles in his driveway, as the picture proves, that he can drive to and from his work in a commercial/industrial area.

I took this picture on W. Elm Street east of Hoover.  It shows a commercial dumpster parked in the street, legally, while construction work is done on a house in the cul-de-sac.

Now, pay close attention to this picture.

This is NOT what is going on with the renter on the corner of W. Elm St. and W. Sycamore Court.



Because of my legal counsel, you folks copy my ideas from my e-mails to you.  You turn around and tell renters how to skirt our parking/storage laws in a residential neighborhood. 

Renters do not bring in property assessed value $$$$ to our town!!!!

You on the City Council, the Police Department, and Code Enforcement don't know our City storage, parking, residential, commercial laws for our City from a hole in the ground, in my humble opinion.
You people are totally inept at running a City Government, in my humble opinion.
Therefore, in my humble opinion, you are the dumbest and the utterly most stupid people I have ever met in my entire life.

You do these illegal cover up activities, because you don't have the brains to be able to think for yourselves, obviously, in my humble opinion.
And you do these illegal cover up activities to make your illegal actions look like you are doing the right thing, because "verified statements" were put in court against the Bruce, Bill, Bob, and one of my Ward II reps.
So, you people are grabbing at straws to try to make it look like your "actions are for the good of the City". 
Which you actions prove to be just the opposite.  You people are just fooling yourselves.

The bottom line is that running a commercial business out of any residential neighborhood in Louisville is illegal.
Storing commercial dumpsters in residential neighborhoods is illegal anywhere in Louisville.
Because you on the City Council, Police Department, and Code Enforcement are of such a criminal mind, in my humble opinion, you cannot under any circumstances understand how to do the right thing.
Your actions over 1.5 years prove your illegal activity and favoritism and non ethics to our City.
And since you folks are so ignorant of our laws and are of such a criminal mind, you need my help desperately to overcome your circumstances that you have backed yourselves into a corner and cannot get out, in my humble opinion.
Here is what you are do to.
Go put yourselves in a corner for time out and meditate on doing good and not bad things for our City.

1.  You are to stop lying to the renter at 409 W. Sycamore Ct. about our legal size for commercial, vendor dumpsters in our neighborhood.
2.  You are to tell the renter at 409 W. Sycamore Ct. that the neighborhood has complained about his deterioration of our neighborhood with commercial   equipment in a residential neighborhood, as our assessed property values have gone down, even though our neighborhood invests $$$$.
3.  You are to get him to leave our neighborhood permanently for conducting illegal businesses in a residential neighborhood, per our laws ,that you love to ignore and break, as the criminal minds that you people have, in my humble opinion, because of your illegal actions within our City.

I feel sorry for this renter.  He has been told this, that, and the other thing by our crazy, insane Code Enforcement Department, in my humble opinion.
I am sure this renter is very confused.  And you people are to blame.
You people run around in circles, like a chicken with its head cut off, going nowhere and doing nothing.
With people like you running our government into the ground and letting renters bring  down neighborhood values, you need to do what I tell you to do.
I will continue to send you updates on this illegal situation 2 times a day now.
You people need a lot of proof, as you are just so dumb to see what is going on, in my humble opinion.
I will be sending "verified statements" against City Council, Code Enforcement, and the Police Department on a regular basis, until this illegal matter stops, too.
A neighbor who lives across the street  from 409 W. Sycamore Ct. says that the cul-de-sac has "a lot of traffic and commotion" with Code Enforcement as one of the vehicles going by.
She and I agree that renters come and go.
But when there are so many renters in our neighborhood, there needs to be order.  Therefore, City Laws.
If one renter is shown favoritism, then all renters expect that this is the norm, when they move into our neighborhood.
It gives the new renter the wrong impression.
It proves to me, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you folks are just tooooo dumb and stupid to see and understand this concept, in my humble opinion, as it obviously goes right over your heads each and every time I mention it.
Again, the Police Chief needs to be removed from office via my "Citizen's Arrest". 
Do I need to go to the Police Department directly, myself, go up to the counter, and hand the front desk a piece of paper stating my Citizen's Arrest?
If this does not fix the problem, then we will all know that it is the Mayor that is the "leader of the public corruption pack". 
And I will then request a "Citizen's Arrest" for our illustrious mayor, Bob.
I will do what I need to do to protect my property assessed values from deteriorating further under your watch.

In the meantime, I expect you folks to do what I tell you to do immediately.
Follow our laws for no favoritism.
Follow our laws for no commercial businesses to be operated out of a residential neighborhood.
Follow our laws for the size of "trailers"...not dumpsters...that are allowed in residential neighborhoods.

Now, get to work!!!!!

I have "verified statements" at the ready.
That is the only thing you people understand, as you are toooooo dumb and stupid to even be able to read and comprehend our City laws, without my legal advice, in my humble opinion.
And it makes me physically sick to my stomach to even have to deal with you people on any level at all, as to me, it is like dealing with the devil, himself, in my humble opinion, therefore you are in my prayers.I
It hurts my brain to write this e-mail to you, as you people repulse me.  Sorry, but that is the truth.


When you get an e-mail from me from now on, refer to the above URL address for current pictures and e-mail updates.

Bev Beaufait
P.S.  I sent in a second e-mail to Channel 7 Investigative News, to a separate department.