November 12, 2013 E-mail From Me To City Council And Code Enforcement About The Illegal "Handyman" Vendor Business Being Operated Out Of A Rental Home In A Residential Neighborhood.

From:   Bev Beaufait <>   

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 To:  Council, City <>
 Cc:  Bruce Goodman <>
 Date:  Tuesday, November 12, 2013 07:12 am
 Subject:  Treasonous City Council Behavior
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People, in my humble opinion, you all committing acts of treason. 


You people have had this renter move his industrial vehicles before, from this neighborhood, since May, 2013.
So, you know what the laws are.  And you know, your actions of not continuing to follow through with our City Municode laws is criminal behavior on City Council's, Code Enforcement's, and the Police Chief's parts.
By you ignoring our City Code Enforcement laws, you are training this renter to become a criminal to disobey laws, just like yourselves.  You must be so proud, happy, and thrilled.  While, I am totally unimpressed by your criminal, treasonous behavior. 
Your actions confirms my suspicions, which are: that you folks are criminals, who allow other criminals to commit unlawful, treasonous acts within our City.
You allow others to commit unlawful acts, because then you think it is not unlawful, because your actions are so very treasonous, and you are tooooo stupid to see it, in my humble opinion.
In my humble opinion, talk about criminally insane thinking on your part, eh?  Eh!!!  Bigtime! 
And of course, you want to keep it a secret, so you can continue to run this town into the ground with your criminal, treasonous ways, in my humble opinion, by your actions, which are also very one sided and Fascist.
I will not let you run this town into the ground, due to your criminal, treasonous behavior, in my humble opinion.
You should all be jailed. 
But I will start with Bruce Goodman, and then the trickle down effect.
Because you are training my neighbors to become criminals with your type of criminal mind set, you all belong in an insane asylum, in my humble opinion, and have no business running this City.
I will remind you quite a few times each day, about your insane, criminal, treasonous behavior in my neighborhood, in my humble opinion.
There is an attachment for the arrest of Bruce Goodman, the Police Chief.
I consider this e-mail to the Police Chief with the Citizen's Arrest doc attached enough to arrest Bruce Goodman immediately.
You need to get our City Admin to work right away on this matter. 
The Police Chief has allowed illegal, criminal behavior in our neighborhood for far too long now.
It is obvious that everybody but me is afraid of him.
So, I know you folks are counting on me to do the right thing in your place, since you folks in City Council have no backbone at all, in my humble opinion.
Why you continue with your criminal, treasonous actions is beyond me.  I personally think it is because you are too dumb and stupid to even see your own actions, even when I hold up a mirror for you to see yourselves, in my humble opinion.
You are putting your Council positions in jeopardy. 
But I will let this scene play, out as long a necessary, to fully prove to the citizens of Louisville how publically corrupt you folks are, and have been, and will continue to be, until I get you folks under control to obey the laws and not break them.  
You need to function at the junction.
Heads Up!!!!
I have a printed out  one "verified statement" to be notarized.  I will be turning it in this week to the Municipal Court against another City Council person, who does not do their civic duty as a Ward rep, but only does treasonous, criminal behavior, in my humble opinion.  I will keep you posted.
You will be regularly informed of your treasonous, criminal behavior with as many updates as I feel is necessary to drive this point home to people that I think, in my humble opinion, are just plain old too stupid  and dumb to even understand what I am talking about.
You are paid public civil servants for our City, so I will continue to send daily pics and updates, until this evil situation is corrected for this evilness that you folks encompass and emit throughout our City, in my humble opinion, as the devil in disguise. 
It is a hard fight against such criminal, treasonous evil, but I continue, no matter what, eh?  Eh!
Trust me.  In the end, you will be glad I did this.  I am helping you folks, so you can back yourselves out of the corner you are backed into these days.  Sad.
Bev Beaufait