November 13, 2013 E-mail From Me To City Council And Code Enforcement About The Illegal "Handyman" Vendor Business Being Operated Out Of A Rental Home In A Residential Neighborhood.

From:   Bev Beaufait <>   

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 To:  Council, City <>
 Cc:  Bruce Goodman <>
 Date:  Wednesday, November 13, 2013 11:01 am
 Subject:  Treasonous City Council Behavior
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Hi!  It's me!  Bev!  The renter went to work and his industrial dumpster is left behind with his customer's garbage covered by a red tarp, as if that makes it legal. How dumb of this renter, in my humble opinion.  
He treats his rental house as a commercial office in a commercial zoned district for his "Handyman" business, that you folks on City Council, Code Enforcement, and the Police Chief allow this renter to operate illegally out of our neighborhood.  
Will you please stop doing illegal activities in my neighborhood?????  I am preparing another "verified statement", as I already can see in the future, that it will be needed.


Do you see the huge green industrial/commercial dumpster doing construction work on this house on W. Sycamore Street????

The industrial construction dumpster is not covered, as if they were doing something illegal, that they are trying to hide, like the renter on 409 W. Sycamore Court. 

This industrial/commercial dumpster is used for construction debris. 

It is not used to store other customer's garbage in it!!!!!  Comprehend????

There is a porta-potty for the workers. 

Their work trucks are at this house on site for the day. 

The work trucks don't leave during the day. 

Get it????

The renter at 409 W. Sycamore Court does not do construction work on his rental house. 

There are no upgrades/construction being done on this rental house at 409 W. Sycamore Court.

This renter has no business storing his "Handyman" customers' garbage in our neighborhood.

Do what I tell you to do...right now!!!!!

Get this illegal industrial dumpster out of our neighborhood right now.

Stop encouraging this renter to be of a like criminal mind like Code Enforcement, City Council, and the Police Chief, in my humble opinion.

It devalues our property.

It does not upgrade it, which unfortunately you people think that is going on, in my humble opinion, by your very own actions/inactions.

You can see all the upgrades going on in our neighborhood. 

Our property values should not be going down in value. 

In my humble opinion, when you criminally minded folks on City Council, Code Enforcement, and the Police Chief allow a renter to devalue our neighborhood, you all should be impeached right now.

I am keeping you posted, as I know how very much you love to be on top of this current situation in my neighborhood.  I will be sure to let you know this afternoon, when the renter with the commercial/industrial truck comes back this afternoon to park his industrial/commercial truck illegally in our residential neighborhood.  I am sure he will not remove the industrial dumpster with his customers' garbage stored illegally in a residential driveway in a residentially zoned neighborhood.

Get it?????? 



P.S.  You know, nobody expected to find out that the Chief of Police for Louisville is a sociopath and a chronic liar, in my humble opinion, when I first reported this illegal activity of Mr. Rooter, back in June, 2012.  But the Police Chief and you folks keep allowing  illegal businesses to be operating out of a residential neighborhood, which is illegal in all residential parts of town, even though it has been pointed out to you people that you are so very, very wrong to try to be on board with the Police Chief.  It is time to let him swim alone.