July 24, 2013 E-mail From Me To City Council And The Chief Of Police

 From:   Bev Beaufait <bbeaufa@beaufait.com>   

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 To:  Bruce Goodman <bruceg@louisvilleco.gov>
 Cc:  Council, City <CityCouncil@LouisvilleCO.gov>
 Date:  Wednesday, July 24, 2013 07:46 am
 Subject:  Illegally Stored/Abandoned Vehicles
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City of Louisville Public Servants,
I only write to you about problems with illegal, long term, unmoved, abandoned vehicles regarding residential parking on W. Elm Street and W. Sycamore Street near or next to Sundance Park.
This past year I have heard from public officials way more than is necessary, with way too many excuses and lies.  
When I write to you, about the laws of our City being broken and send you the laws that are broken, I don't want to receive whining e-mails back to me about your excuses and lies for why you cannot follow our City laws.
I expect you to follow our City laws and not send me e-mails trying to prove me wrong, so you don't have to do your job and get paid for doing nothing.
If I get any more e-mails from public servants about not wanting to do their job, I will consider it harassment.
In the past years, nobody got back to me, after they did their job.
I am not their friend.
I am not their pal.
I am a citizen of Louisville, whose taxes pay public servants' salaries.
I am a citizen of Louisville, who expects public servants to do their job, without getting back to me with the details, as I don't care.  I just want the job done. 
Nothing more.
Nothing less.
My legal advice has helped me write each and every e-mail that I send to you, public officials.
My legal advice has told me, which parking laws are being broken, per our own City Codes.
My legal advice has told me, that I am not to respond further to any e-mails you send to me.
My legal advice has told me, that you are to do your job and leave me alone, as I am not a City employee, but a City tax payer.
My legal advice has told me, that you are harassing me, when you bother me with the lies  and excuses in your e-mails for not doing your jobs.
My legal advice has told me, that I am to continue to send all of my legal proofs of illegal activities in my neighborhood, to the public servants in our City, so they can do the job, that they are paid to do.
Whenever the Chief of Police is out of town, my e-mails went to William Kingston, who gets my complaints fixed immediately, without excuses.  He just does his job.  He has lived in Louisville longer than I.
In past years, William Kingston, of our Code Enforcement Department, always removed the illegally abandoned/unmoved/parked/stored legally registered vehicles.  So I know for a fact that the laws I have sent to you to enforce are, in fact, legal laws, or else William would not have had the illegally parked/stored vehicles leave our neighborhood, and never to return.
With the current situation now, any car that seems to get removed, returns, returns, and returns again. 
Why is that?
That proves to me that Code Enforcement now-a-days is not doing the proper job that William Kingston did in the past.
Why is that?
I have received e-mails from the  current mayor, who keeps trying to undo any work Code Enforcement does for removing the illegally abandoned cars on residential streets,for the past year, through the laws that are on the books.
I wonder who is telling Code Enforcement to not do the job they are paid to do?
I will continue to report illegally abandoned vehicle activities in our City, in my neighborhood, as it is my civil right, per my legal advice and our City Ethics Codes.
If you dislike your jobs that much that you don't like folks informing you of the problems with parking, parks, watering, etc. around town, then quit your job, please and thanks, so we, citizens of Louisville, can have public servants who actually want to do their jobs that they are paid to perform. 
You, obviously, do not want to do the work, in my humble opinion, because of your emotional, illogical, negative , uncivil reactions toward me and my truths/proofs, when presented to you.
As long as you allow the blue car, with the TX plates, to continue to be illegally stored/parked/abandoned next to Sundance Park on W. Sycamore Street within 5 feet of the corner, and dangerously close to the fire hydrant, your actions say you don't care what happens to our neighborhood, even if you break our own City laws and put your own public service jobs in jeopardy.
So, I will continue to report this illegally stored/abandoned/parked blue car with the TX plates, and amass my proofs of non working public officials for removal from public office.
I just saw the Code Enforcement vehicle go by my house.  The blue car with TX plates is still illegally parked.  Let's see what they do.
Mrs. Beverly Beaufait (Mrs. R. T.)
388 W. Elm St.
Louisville, Co  80027
P.S.  Remember, don't shoot the messenger.  This is just an FYI e-mail that demands no response at all.