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Wedding Pic September, 1968

Tampa 45th Anniversary 2013

Glenwood Springs 2010.

Jedediah State Park 2009.

Hawaii 40th Wedding Anniversary Pics, 2008

40th Brother Rice High School Reunion Pictures

England, May, 2006

London Trip, September, 2003

Bev in Florida in 2003.

Olympic Trip, February, 2002

European Trip, May, 2001

Rick's sister and brother-in-law 2002

BOHICA Colorado APA (Celeste's Pool League Team)

Bev's niece, Celeste, and Bev, 2002

Bev in reader glasses 1999.

Mesa Verde 1990.

4 Corners - Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico.

Houses 1968-Present.

Celeste and Ajeet Oregon 1980's.

Oregon Pals.

Celeste, our daughter, and Bev 1997.

Pics of Bev.

Lawson Lumber Fire.

Bev's Family Pics.

Bev's Baptism Holy Name Church.

Cliff & Mae's Wedding Pic1938.

Bev and Gwen 1961.


Pics of Celeste.

Cafe Wha.

Rick's OLQM Pics.

Rick OLQM Future.

Rick OLQM Will.

Bev and Bev's niece, Michele, at at formal banquet 1998.

Bev and our girl doggie 1997.

The Schipperke Dog.

Celeste's 25th Birthday Pics.

Group photo of our family 1997 and 1999.

The George and Lori Beaufait Family Page.

George and Lori Beaufait's Family Wedding Pic.

Rick's Brothers and Sisters.

Patty and Scott's Wedding.

Larry and Mary's Honeymoon.

Childhood friend.

Rick's niece in Michigan.

Rick's Old Grobbel, Bozzer, Beaufait Family Album Pics

C.A.R. 1990 Colorado State Conference, Regional Conference, and State Meeting.

Genealogy Links.

Louisville Parking Spaces Used For Illegal Vehicle Storage on Residential Streets.

Sundance Park Sprinklers.

City of Louisville Elected Official Uncivil E-mails To Me.

This was our weather on February 2, 1999.  We had a major limb break off the tree in the backyard and fall on the fence.  We were lucky the fence did not break.


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